About Us

Founded by Blake McLemore, a former college baseball player and University of Georgia School of Law graduate, Train Collegiate was created to provide new, meaningful opportunities for both college and youth athletes nationwide. The Train Co. App by Train Collegiate allows background-checked college athletes to make their own schedule and earn money by connecting with local adults and parents of youth athletes and providing in-person sports lessons. The App also provides kids an exciting opportunity to receive up-to-date instruction from some of the most elite and qualified athletes in the nation.

The Train Co. App supports all NCAA sports (except Rifle) and will become available to all NCAA college athletes nationwide.

All features within the Train Co. App were built based on all applicable NCAA rules. The App is fully NCAA compliant and handles all NCAA documentation required for each lesson. Simply download the Train Co. App (available on the App Store and Google Play), follow the basic rules outlined within the App, and join team Train Collegiate.

Your support helps us achieve our mission to transform the lives of both college and youth athletes. Train Co. looks forward to adding you to our team!


Blake McLemore

Founder and CEO

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